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Family law: Options for couples thinking about divorce

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: October 10, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

Making the decision to divorce may be one of the most challenging decisions a person will ever make. Most British Columbia couples have much invested in their marriages and ending a relationship is never easy. Family law in the province provides some guidelines for couples to follow if they choose to end their marriages. But before ending a marriage for good, experts suggest each person may want to consider doing a few important things.

Spouses should know there is help for them together and independently if they are thinking about divorce as an option. Personal therapy and marriage counselling may clarify some murky issues with which spouses may be struggling. Couples counselling may help a couple to work through problems they can’t work through on their own, while individual counselling may help each person with any insecurities and stress that could be taken into the marriage.

Often, finances are a bone of contention in a marriage. Speaking with a financial planner may help to ease such a burden. Also, speaking with a lawyer experienced in family law may provide a perspective regarding important issues like child and spousal support, the division of property and how the court system works regarding divorce.

Deciding to end a marriage can be fraught with anxiety and stress. When a British Columbia couple has exhausted all roads to help and still can’t make a marriage work, it may be time to move forward in the divorce process. A lawyer experienced in family law can provide clarification on questions a client has regarding what is involved in the divorce process and what may be best in terms of a client’s personal situation.

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