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Children’s issues: Children’s rights during intervention

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: September 23, 2019
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There may be instances when issues regarding children prompt intervention. Alberta family law rules always have the best interests of children at heart when it comes to dealing with children’s issues. Children have rights and when they’re old enough to speak their minds, they have some say in the direction their lives take and in certain situations they will be assigned caseworkers to whom they can speak regarding those rights.

When getting help from Child Intervention Services in Alberta a child will be able to have his or her rights explained in a way the child will understand them. Children also have the right to live with people who care for them, keep them safe and respect them. If children are removed from a home, they have the right to keep their personal things, go to school, talk about their situation with family and friends as long as they’re safe, know their own culture and religion and to develop their own identity.

When Child Intervention Services is involved in a case, a parent has the responsibility to be involved in a safety plan that meets children’s needs as well as their own. It is incumbent upon a parent to complete the tasks of a safety plan. The goal is to make the family home a safer and healthier place.

When children’s issues are are on the table, a child also has the right to talk to a lawyer alone or with an advocate present. A lawyer in Alberta may be able to help when a child’s rights are not being respected. A lawyer will always act in the best interests of a child first and foremost.

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