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Family law: Stepparenting children in British Columbia

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: July 15, 2019
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Stepparents may have a number of issues that comes with parenting children that are not biologically their own. Stepparents have been given a negative stereotype in the past, but most wish to become positive role models for their stepchildren and British Columbia family law gives them the tools with which to do so. It is incumbent upon a parent and a stepparent to always do what is in the best interests of a child — even when a stepparent separates from or divorces the biological parent of a child.

It may be difficult at first for children to adapt to being a part of a blended family. But when a couple parents the children as a team, the kids may find it easier to adapt to their new lives. Even in the best of circumstances, some children may have difficulty adjusting no matter what their ages are and can be critical of a stepparent. Not taking that criticism personally will go a long way to helping children adjust.

It takes time for some children to accept a stepparent. Many still hold out the hope that their biological parents might reconcile, so patience in these cases, is a virtue. British Columbia has a number of parenting handbooks that may help stepparents to help their stepchildren in these new family situations.

A British Columbia lawyer may be able to help a client who is a stepparent with various issues that come to light in the family dynamic. By the same token, a lawyer experienced in family law in the province may be able to help a such a client who is divorcing or separating from his or her partner who is the biological parent of the children. Stepparents do have rights and a lawyer can enlighten a client as to what those rights are.

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