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Children’s issues: An unwilling father and child support

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: July 25, 2019
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Men who have become unwilling fathers may still be on the hook for child support payments. Alberta has definitive laws when it comes to children’s issues and one of those has to do with supporting children financially and emotionally. Even when a man doesn’t want to become a father, he may have to support his child financially if it is in the best interests of the child.

Even when a man claims his partner told him she was using birth control or that he didn’t want a child or that the woman told him she couldn’t conceive, a family law judge may rule that he has to support the child he may claim was thrust upon him. One senior family court judge in the country has gone on record as saying that when parties have sex that they do so with the understanding that a pregnancy could occur, even if it is deemed unlikely. In other words, those who play may end up having to pay.

Heterosexual relationships that involve sex also involve the risk of the woman becoming pregnant no matter what the circumstances are. Even when a man says an unwanted child causes him emotional upset, financial turmoil or a disruption to his lifestyle, a family court judge may find what’s best for a child outweighs what may be best for an unwilling biological father. In many instances he will still have to support the child at least financially.

There are many things that may be enmeshed with children’s issues in Alberta. A lawyer who has experience in these issues may be able to provide guidance in areas concerning child support and child custody. When it comes to children, a lawyer will also weigh in on what’s best for them legally.

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