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How teachers can help with children’s issues in divorce

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: June 18, 2019
Categorized: Children's Issues.

There may be nothing more difficult for some children to endure than the divorce of their parents. When it comes to children’s issues in British Columbia, divorce is high on the list of things that can wreak havoc for kids, but since teachers play an integral part in children’s lives, they may be able to help in these often emotionally-tough situations for their students whose parents are facing divorce. Often, children will open up to a trusted teacher with whom they feel safe.

Since teachers are with children a good part of the day during the week, they may have added insight into how children are feeling and how they are processing the life changes they are undergoing. A teacher may be able to impart this information to parents to help children get through tough times. If there are marked changes in a child’s behavior — such as acting out when it is unlike the child — a teacher may be able to offer help and guidance.

Teachers may be able to act as buffers for their students whose parents are separating or divorcing. Being a sounding board for these students may make the situation much less stressful and the transition easier. Sometimes all children need is to be able to voice their feelings to someone they believe in and trust.

When it comes to children’s issues under British Columbia family law, a lawyer may be in a position to offer help when it comes to children’s best interests. A lawyer may be able to provide a client with the resources to help a client’s children get through a divorce — things like helping to draft a comprehensive co-parenting plan. The law wants to ensure children are safeguarded at all times and as such, a lawyer, too, will always have children’s best interests at heart.

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