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Family law: Raising healthy children after divorce

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: June 26, 2019
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Raising happy, healthy and well-adjusted children is one of the most important jobs a parent has. Family law tools in Alberta can help parents do that, even when parents are separated or divorced. Children adjust to changes in their own ways, but it is helpful when parents are able to help their kids to positively process those changes.

When parents put the best interests of their children first, it may be easier for them to co-parent even if there is animosity between them. There are many ways parents can help their children to feel safe and secure as they move from a one to a two-home lifestyle. The first of these ways is to tell them that they’re loved by both parents and that the separation or divorce is not their fault.

Reassuring them that their regular routines will change as little as possible also helps since children thrive on routine. Encouraging children to express their feelings may thwart changes in behaviour like acting out. Having a co-parenting plan may make it easier for parents to help their children through what is likely a stressful situation for everyone involved. If need be, parents might consider having their children talk with a family counsellor to help them with their feelings.

There are many areas affected by divorce. A lawyer experienced in Alberta family law rules may be able to provide divorcing clients with the information they need to help their kids. Children may be more willing and able to adapt to new situations when their parents have the right tools with which to help them.

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