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Family law: Negotiating a settlement with a bullying partner

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: June 7, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

There may be many reasons couples find themselves in trouble relationship-wise. It might be that there has been a history of bad treatment or abuse. Family law in Alberta helps couples to end their relationships or marriages, but when one partner is an bully, breaking up can be even harder to do. Agreeing on a separation agreement when one person is displaying bullying behaviour might have its own set of challenges.

Bullies want what they want when they want it and don’t take kindly to the negotiating process. So, the other individual needs to use logic rather than emotion when trying to come to a separation agreement. It is possible to thwart the triggers that a bully can raise, and one way is to be definitive about the intention of the agreement.

Being armed knowing how a bullying partner might react may be helpful in disengaging inappropriate behaviour. There is also the old adage that says one can catch more flies with honey, rather than with vinegar, so showing empathy may also help in the situation. Using familiar language rather than legal jargon might also help.

A lawyer experienced with Alberta family law rules may be able to offer advice and guidance on reaching a separation agreement with a difficult partner. A lawyer may be able to act as a mediator for a client or offer suggestions for cases that are particularly difficult. A lawyer may also be able to advise a client when to walk away instead of accepting a bad deal and to continue negotiations on a different day or on a different playing field.

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