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Family law: Man in marriage of convenience faces citizenship woes

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: June 2, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

An immigrant will be having his citizenship revoked for a marriage faux pas. British Columbia and other Canadian provinces and territories do not forgive violations of family law or criminal law lightly. Even so, the federal government rarely revokes citizenship once granted, but it is revoking the citizenship of a Chinese man it says secured his citizenship through a false marriage nine years ago. The government claims the man was in an alleged marriage of convenience to obtain Canadian citizenship.

The man’s former wife says she received a sum of cash on the wedding day and an additional sum after the wedding took place. The man divorced the woman two years after the marriage took place. The federal government was ordered by a court to give the man a fair hearing prior to stripping him of his citizenship.

The man was given the opportunity to respond in 2017, but failed to do so, although the government ascertained the man knew of the proceedings launched against him. He has not yet filed a submission with the court. The government is moving forward with citizenship revocation.

There are times when family law issues intersect with other areas of law. A British Columbia lawyer is in a position to advise and guide a client who finds himself or herself embroiled in these types of situations. There may be confusion surrounding the complexities of these laws and a lawyer may be able to explain the ramifications of the rules to clients who are uncertain as to how they may affect their individual situations.

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