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Reflections of a Student

Written by: Kevin Heinrichs (View All Posts • View Bio ) Published: August 24, 2012
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I was first exposed to the area of family law after I completed my first year of law school and obtained a summer position with the Ministry of Attorney General working as a member of the Family Relations Act review team.  This experience led me to connect with the highly reputable lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs. When I first met the lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs, I was immediately impressed with the calibre of legal expertise and personable environment.

Family law often involves a complex set of legal issues that includes tax, trusts, corporate, property, parenting, child protection, criminal, wills, immigration, pensions, employment and wills. It has been fascinating for me to learn from a group of lawyers who engage with challenging legal problems in a manner that is both thorough and effective. I have learned that in the practice of family law it is extremely valuable to have a specialized lawyer sift through the layers of personal, financial and legal variables surrounding a conflict in order to evaluate the client’s options and produce a clear and efficient plan of action. This is especially important when clients are making decisions based on emotions, as opposed to long term consequences, which is an important perspective that a lawyer is able to objectively provide. In addition, I have had the opportunity to witness lawyers apply a creative problem-solving approach to problems, both inside and outside of the courtroom, while remaining sensitive to the various emotional challenges that can surround family legal matters.

My experience has also allowed me to truly appreciate the important role that a family lawyer can have in de-escalating a conflict between two parties and advocating for the best interest of the children when applicable. From a financial perspective, the expertise of a family lawyer can help to mitigate risk and maximize the client’s benefits. Overall, I was left with the sincere impression that the lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs work hard to protect their client’s interests and are passionate about advocating for the best possible outcome for their clients. My experience at Henderson Heinrichs was truly enriching and educational and I am very grateful to have had such a valuable exposure to the complex yet fascinating world of family law!

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