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Written by: Kevin Heinrichs (View All Posts • View Bio ) Published: January 12, 2011
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Henderson Heinrichs is committed to exploring all options to assist our clients reach successful resolution of their family law issues.   To that end, we are pleased to advise that we have certified Family Law Mediators at our firm who are trained to facilitate out of court settlement.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process for resolving family law issues, such as custody, access and child support. The mediator is jointly selected and retained by both parties.  Because of the need to maintain mediator neutrality, Henderson Heinrichs’ existing litigation clients will be referred to other well regarded mediators.  Prior to engaging in the mediation process both parties are required to sign a mediation agreement whereby they commit to working out the issues without going to Court.

Mediation at Henderson Heinrichs takes place in a private, informal setting where the parties actively participate in negotiations with a goal of reaching an agreement. Mediation requires hard work from both parties and a commitment to work on reaching a solution, even when things get difficult. Rather than be destructive, mediation helps parties work through the underlying emotional issues, and helps them build and create a solution the works best for them and enables them to move forward positively.

Litigation should be a last resort in family files as can be expensive and destructive both emotionally and financially. Mediation is usually less expensive than traditional litigation, faster and overall a much more constructive process.  Mediation allows the parties to retain control over the process and outcome and allows them to create a solution that works best for their family and their own circumstances.

Mediation with a certified Family Law Mediator at Henderson Heinrichs has numerous benefits and allows parties to have a neutral, impartial professional assist them in reaching successful outcomes.  Our mediators establish ground rules for respectful communication and create a safe and confidential environment where the parties begin to work on identifying the issues and creating customized solutions. The mediator will assist, where necessary, in clarifying facts and issues. Our mediators will help the parties explore ideas and options for settlement, while also sometimes serving as a reality check and/or sounding board.

Henderson Heinrichs’ mediators will help the parties keep the lines of communication open or assist the parties in re-establishing positive and healthy communication and help the parties move forward, which is invaluable and essential when there are children involved. The mediator will help build in effective communication strategies when necessary.

Mediation is successful when both parties are committed to working in this framework. Mediation has been used successfully to resolve all areas of family disputes including custody and guardianship issues, primary residence, parenting plans, asset and property division, spousal support, separation agreements and cohabitation agreements.

The mediator may also suggest other resources and tools that will assist the parties and will make best efforts to assist the parties in reaching a resolution outside of Court.

If you would like more information on how mediation with Henderson Heinrichs might be beneficial for you, please feel free to set up an appointment by calling our offices at 604-669-3500.

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