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Written by: Kevin Heinrichs (View All Posts • View Bio ) Published: August 12, 2010
Categorized: Divorce.

I came across an article in The Walrus last week regarding a Chicago law firm which put out a rather risqué advertisement trumpeting, “Life’s short.  Get a divorce”.  This got me thinking about what, as family lawyers, the line is between our facilitating the breakdown of a relationship and our advocating that breakdown.  The advertisement perpetuates the stereotypical “ambulance chaser” image of lawyers, but in this case the chaser actually advocates the accident.   The danger of glamourizing that which is, for virtually everybody involved, a serious and difficult undertaking ignores the complex and often destructive ripples left by that breakdown, not only on the parties, but on the children of the parties.  Divorce is not fun; it is not trivial, and to treat it in a flippant manner disrespects those who treat their relationships seriously.

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